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Phil Cragg

Current Mortgage Rates

In an ever-changing financial landscape, staying current with mortgage rates is crucial for making educated decisions about home ownership. If you’re in Ottawa, is your go-to mortgage broker, renowned for its real-time updates on the latest mortgage rates. Our skilled team of professionals is committed to meticulously monitoring market trends to ensure our clients always have access to the most competitive rates. provides a thorough understanding of the multitude of mortgage options available, aiding clients in making optimal choices for their unique circumstances – whether they’re purchasing their first home, considering refinancing, or delving into property investment. With a focus on meeting individual financial needs and circumstances, we are dedicated to delivering customized, high-quality service.

NOTE: rates are subject to change without notice

Prime RateVariable Rate
Bank RatesTermOUR RATES
7.09%1 year closed6.09%
7.09%2 year closed6.49%
6.49%3 year closed5.59%
6.69%4 year closed5.69%
6.39%5 year closed5.29%
7.89%10 year closed7.45%

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