Phil Cragg
Phil Cragg

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Phil Cragg, Mortgage Agent

License #11000073 | Markets Served: Ontario

My name is Phil Cragg, I am a happily married father of three beautiful children living in Ottawa and a mortgage agent with Mortgage Outlet. My goal is to be your trusted financial advisor for all your mortgage requirements, whether you are a first-time homebuyer, looking to refinance or having credit issues and looking to consolidate debt my team is here to help. My goal is to ensure your experience is completely enjoyable and stress-free, and my hope is to form a relationship that doesn’t end with the completion of the mortgage process but instead continues on to build and grow as your life evolves. I will work in the best interests of you, my client, and guarantee your satisfaction always. I received Economics degree at Carleton University while playing University and professional soccer and that prepared me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams in many sectors until it brought me to the mortgage industry. I strongly believe that one-on-one relationships are imperative to any success and, no matter how large a business, building strong relationships with my clients is always key.

Cody Doiron, Mortgage Agent

Agent# M19000270 | Markets Served: Ontario

My extensive experience as a mortgage agent have allowed me to understand how to facilitate and underwrite deals for individuals with less than perfect credit, self-employed applicants and more…It all starts with a conversation. Give me a call! Let’s talk and see how I can be of help.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Independent advice – We provide mortgages from numerous lenders, from the major banks, credit unions, monoline lenders and private money and we have no affiliation with any of these lenders so you will get unbiased advice.
  • More choices – With so many lenders we can offer the very best rates and features with all our mortgages.
  • Best available rates – Due to our large volume we get the very best rates from all our lenders and pass the savings on to you.
  • Fast approval – Our Mortgage Agents will let you know if you are approved same day in most cases.
  • Specialized mortgages– As specialists, we can offer a mortgage for almost everyone whether you are self-employed, have bad credit or need to consolidate debt to improve your credit score we are here to help.